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Posted On Oct 6th, 2021

After seeing my screenshot, friend of mine showed me a version of his own terminal emulator
(mos/terminal), I know what you’re
thinking, yes, making a terminal emulator is just a trivial thing that people do these days in
their free time.

Well, that helped me a lot. Turned out writing every key stroke to ptm is the right thing
to do. But the most important thing is to render the text buffer as an actual character grid.

That’s easy. So I came up with a rough implementation just to see how it actually works. I also
passing a raw buffer from AppBackend to AppFrontend instead of converting them on every event.

The performance improved a lot! And another problem just popped up, how to handle control characters?

I mean, where should I handle it, in AppBackend or AppFrontend? And I think I need an actual