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HTML / Auto-fill OTP code from SMS

Posted On 02.01.2022

Safari on iOS and macOS devices have the ability to automatically retrieve and autofill the OTP code sent via SMS if your input has the autocomplete="one-time-code" attribute:

<form action="/verify-otp" method="POST">
    <input type="text"

To make the SMS OTP more secure, you should compose the SMS message with the origin-bound:

Your OTP is 123456 #123456

The origin bound is a string containing two parts. The domain name is preceded with @, and the OTP is preceded with #.

When the device receives the SMS, the OTP code will be auto-filled only if the domain matches your website’s domain.

For non-iOS devices, OTP autofill also works but not with the autocomplete="one-time-code" attribute. We should use WebOTP API instead.

    otp: {transport:['sms']}
.then(otp => input.value = otp.code);

More details about WebOTP can be found here: