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03.17.2022 - JavaScript / Partial update an object in IndexedDB

Let’s say, you have the object store called characters as the following table:

Key Value
1 { name: “Bilbo Baggins”, race: “Hobbits” }
2 { name: “Legolas Greenleaf”, race: “Elves” }

To update a record, we can use IDBObjectStore.put() method, but this will update the value object as a whole.

In case you want to change just the name of record #1, from “Bilbo” to “Frodo”, you will need to create a Cursor to find the record #1, and use IDBCursor.update() method to make an update:

const transaction = db.transaction(['characters'], 'readwrite');
const store = transaction.objectStore('characters');
store.openCursor().onsuccess = event => {
    const cursor = event.target.result;
    if (cursor) {
        if (cursor.value.name === 'Bilbo Baggins') {
            const updateData = cursor.value;
            updateData.name = 'Frodo Baggins';

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