gust-lang: Development Log

11.05.2022 - Implement a Bytecode Machine

Alright, I’m back.

In this commit, I implemented a stack-based bytecode machine so we can execute the
code that was generated by the compiler….


04.29.2022 - Add String support to the Lexer

With the unit tests up and running, it’s time to start expanding the Lexer: Adding String support.

A string is a sequence of any characters that stay between a pair of quotation characters. Just like in JavaScript, either a double quote or a single quote can be used to define a string….


04.29.2022 - A Working Lexer

Finally got some time to actually initialize some code for the compiler, I guess
I’ll write up the syntax specs later, but for now, let’s get the lexer up and running first.

I actually didn’t plan to work on the lexer from the beginning but focus on the bytecode generator and the virtual machine part, but whatever, we need a working parser to better generate the bytecode, so here we are….